La Mercerie History

” The Haberdashery shop has a special place in Arles and in the life of the Arlésiennes as a meeting place for all those who wear the local costume, whether in hopes of becoming the honorary Queen of Arles or because they wear the guardian attire. Maryse Mincarelli, from a long line of Arlésians, reigned over the profession, for three decades from her well-named boutique, L’Arlésienne, located opposite the Museon Arlaten. She welcomed many elegants in her two storey shop like Christian Lacroix, who was a regular customer. Her store played a vital role during the period of the election of the Queen of Arles (from April to June), with the candidates dressing and having their hair done upstairs. Laces and fabrics (including silk from Lyon), ribbons of different colours depending on the period, more or less long depending on the headdress… “

Extract from the Louis Vuitton City Guide on Arles 2019

Text by Clara Le Fort

La Mercerie

Legendary shopkeeper Maryse Mincarelli retired from L’Arlesienne boutique long time ago, and we felt that it was time once again to bring to life this beautiful, iconic house. We have restored the entire building including the apartment where the Arlésiennes used to get dressed and have their hair styled.

With the original details preserved in each room,  history prevails in what is now a modern space, which can be transformed into pop up shops, exhibitions and other temporary events.

Welcome to La Mercerie.

Christophe and Julia Mincarelli


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